Saturday June 28, 2008

Renaissance Cafe, 1938 Danforth Ave. (just west of woodbine subway)
8pm SHARP. Construction begins at 8:15

just a few quick highlight photos!
(more posted next week)

Judges Leila and Mark

Mouse on a Leash won for Best Artistry, with her bellydance moves!

Winner of Best Engineering was Battlestar Galactica, complete with airborne Vipers!

Much of the evening evolved into crazy dance contests

More photos as soon as they can be properly processed, cropped,
and posted to a Flickr gallery!

Leila Boujnane is the CEO of Idee Inc. and will use her advanced knowledge of image identification systems and visual search technology to judge your tinfoil sculpture.

Mark McKay is the host of Happy Hour with Mark McKay, a geek video master, Mesh & MTV Canada Videographer, and will use his expertise in humour & video technology to rate your tinfoil creations.

(bribing the judges with food and drink is strongly encouraged)

DJ Bob Wadlow shall whip up a mix of oldies, goodies, baddies, and funk. There may be special guests. We're working on it. Due to space limitations, dancing is only permitted out on the sidewalk.

Dominic Major will be our official photographer this evening. I asked him for a bio, and he replied, "monkey!". So y'all have been warned.

Cynthia Gould is the creator of Bridesmaidmania and Kindergarten for Adults. She is an artist and spoken word performer, and cannot believe that so many people are into these nutty parties. &
She'll have the microphone & be running the show, so listen up kiddos!

Heather Leson is an event organizer, geek girl, craft princess and awesome human. She'll be greeting you at the door and has bandaids if you need them. Call her Lady Tinfoiltress.

- $100 gift certificate from - Hair By Miranda
- $45 worth of hair products from - Hair By Miranda
- Gift certificate for advertising on
- CD from Delica
- chapbooks & CDs from Mike Bryant
- chapbooks from the ever hilarious Jeff Cottrill
- pound of amazing fresh roasted coffee from The Renaissance Cafe
- THE GLORY! oh the sheer GLORY of winning!!!!!

keep on scrolling... rules & details posted below
BYOTF (bring your own tinfoil)

click for the photos from 2007's contest

click for the photos from 2006's contest

click for the photos from 2005's contest

thanks so much to for the wonderful photography!

Please Note: Due to allergies & asthma, no perfume, cologne, or
scented chemicals are permitted at funkless events. Thanks!


(you really do need to read these)

- anyone wearing perfume, cologne, or chemical fragrances must leave immediately. i can't run a contest if i can't breathe, or have a splitting headache. yeah, it's a pain, but please imagine how much of a pain it is for us poor folks with these horrible allergies! (15% of the Canadian population suffers from asthma and/or allergies - so says the Lung Association)
- some people asked about this last year... yes, deodorant is fine if it's the underarm kind where the smell fades in 5 minutes and NOT those heavy toxic body sprays
- please remind your friends & everyone coming with you!
- thanks so much to everyone who came to previous contests & events and are so understanding about this rule. you are wonderful!!! many people come out to these events because they are safe from allergic reactions here.
- hats must be made at the party. no pre-made hats!
- what makes a sculpture a "hat"? if it balances on your head during the judging, preferrably unassisted.
- yes, you may use materials in additional to the tinfoil (staples, pipecleaners, feathers, etc) but NO sloppy glue, NO sparkles, or anything else gross or messy. we all have to clean up quickly after the contest. please check with The Door Princess if you have crafty questions.
- you will be instructed when the contest begins, and given plenty of warnings before the finish deadline. when someone yells that the contest is over, you must stop construction.
- are teams allowed? um... sure, why not. but 2 or 3 people, not 84 NASA technicians working on one hat. and only ONE person may model the hat during judging... unless a second model is needed for demonstration purposes. (eg. the "jiffy pop" hat required a second person to shake the handle)
- you must model your own hat for the judging, no fair bringing a hot sexy friend to do that for you. you must bring the hot sexy friend anyway though, because meeting new people is nice for everyone. also, please bring coaches, groupies, and other emotional support. you will require your full entourage. competition is tough you know!
- if you enter the contest, you give us the right to take photos of you & your creation and post them online. if you're currently in the witness protection program, this is not a good place for you to be. there might also be live video blogging and other filming.

- if you want to score a good table, get there early & have dinner
- there will be THREE prizes, one for Best Engineering, one for Best Artistry, and a third unimportant award announced later.
- there will be two rounds - first round everyone models their hat, judges will pick approximately 5 to 7 finalists. during the second round of modelling, judges may ask finalists questions regarding their work.
- judges decisions are final. they may base their decisions on... well, whatever they darn well please. they are the judges! contestants are encouraged to buy them drinks or snacks. bribing judges is fun.
- the venue might become incredibly packed. we will all have to be patient and considerate of those around us. if there is no table space, contestants may go across the street to the park to work, or perhaps to a neighbouring pub. **NOTE** if you leave the premises, please tell Heather the Door Princess so that she can send judges to check on your progress.
- after the contest, everyone shall partake of the Very Good Beer and other lovely treats at the Renaissance Cafe, and mingle with artsy folks.

last year construction time was an hour & a half.
this year, by moving the live entertainment to the middle, we'll give a full 2 hours for construction. this should help with the space restrictions.

Arrive at 8 pm SHARP!!!

8:15 - contest begins, DJ Bob Wadlow provides inspirational crafty tunes
8:45 - live entertainment during construction
9:25 - construction stops for 5 minutes so judges can survey pieces in progress
9:30 - construction resumes
10:15 - contest ends
10:30 - modeling of hats, judges pick 5 to 7 finalists.
finalists model again, judges ask questions & deliberate
prizes awarded, photos taken, beer consumed

11pmish & onward - mingle & listen to the funk of DJ Bob Wadlow

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