thursday, february 3, 2005
tinfoil hat contest & party

@ The Blue Moon, 725 Queen St. East(steps east of Broadview, south side)

Doors at 8 pm sharp *** $5 cover *** 19+
Tinfoil Hat creation begins at 8:30 pm - Judging around 9:30 pm
Live Music around 10pm

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Created and hosted by Cynthia Gould, the Tinfoil Hat Contest required participants to construct their entries on site. Guests entered the candlelit room ready to create, and used every available surface as workspace. Inspiration came from an eclectic old country and bluegrass music mix, beer, wine, soda, and candy.

Participants, judges and onlookers milled around observing the creative process. Most were astounded at the creativity and underused tinfoil prowess of the Toronto art scene.

15 Contestants took the stage and modelled their tinfoil creations which included:
- a pirate ship with full mast, sails, and buxom mermaid on the front bow
- a sassy feathered flapper hat (complete with dance moves)
- an abstract creation made from woven strips of tinfoil and glitter pipecleaners
- armoured helmet with moving faceplate / grill, complete with matching tinfoil
dagger and a tinfoil bikini top
- a detailed shoe, strapped to the head with tinfoil lacing
- viking helmet with rotating beanie style spinner on top
- medusa, with beer drinking snakes
- fighting helmet reminiscent of the Elven Archers in Lord of the Rings
- Chaplin style bowler hat
- and many more!

After seven fantastic door prizes were drawn, the judges analyzed the semi-finalists using tinfoil opera glasses, magifying glass, and strange questions. The entire audience sang the "Jeopardy waiting song" while they deliberated.

The Goulais River Rats entertained the pants off of everyone present. Guests quickly learned "The River Rat Drinking Game", where one must drink every time the band switches intruments. The evening ended in a frenzy of clapping, foot stomping, and singing along at the top of all lungs.

One minor tinfoil cut to the finger was reported, but bandages were on hand.

Jeremy won for "Best Engineering" with his tinfoil creation featuring antlers over two feet high, cylindrical headpiece, and sattelite dish. Mara won for "Best Artistry" with her delicate sculpted tree branches with red feather highlights.

Each won a goody bag full of loot...

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chapbooks from mike bryant
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mixed CD from DJ Th'Elf

THE JUDGES: novelist and pop culture provocateur Jim Munroe (, music composer Ravi Persaud (, and Rachel Ross, robot builder, and Technology Reporter at The Toronto Star.

THE BAND: The Goulais River Rats are a four-member, 16-piece band presently playing east-coast and folk/folk-rock music. Goulais River Rats Website

Please Note: Due to allergies, no perfume, cologne, or scented chemicals are permitted at funkless events. Thanks!
Also Note: The funkless folks assume no responsibility for anything. So there.

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